Jamstack Barcelona

Welcome to the Jamstack Barcelona meetup group

If you're in Barcelona and you make things for the web with JavaScript, APIs, and static site generators - you need to join our new meetup!

Our next meeting

There are no meetings currently scheduled, but stay tuned for details, or if you have an idea for an event or talk, let us know!

About Jamstack Barcelona

We are the official Jamstack.org community group for Barcelona, and we organize physical and online events, primarily in the English language.

We're here to learn more about the Jamstack, share new ideas and techniques, and build a fantastic, supportive community!

OK, what is the Jamstack? 🤔

The Jamstack is a web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and pre-built markup.

It's the modern way to build websites and apps that delivers better performance, is more secure and scalable, and offers the best developer experience around.

Learn more over at Jamstack.org


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